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Friday October 23, 2020

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July 2012 - Volume 9 - Issue 1


mamaRoo Calms Fussy Babies and Fragile Infants in Hospital Care

One of the most frequently asked questions of 4moms, the developers of the mamaRoo, is: Does it come in an adult model?
While the mamaRoo is not available in an adult size (yet), this smart, hi-tech baby bouncer is fast becoming a preferred choice among doctors and nurses who have recognized the mamaRoo as wonderfully soothing for preemies, Neonatal Abstinence Syndrome patients, and just plain old fussy newborns.
A Pittsburgh, PA-based company, 4moms launched in 2005 with its Cleanwater Infant Tub. Since then, the company has enhanced its product line to include a hi-tech stroller, the mamaRoo (introduced in 2010), and, coming soon, a compact, easy-to-fold playard.
The company is named after its first focus group of four mothers and one “stealth” mom – 4moms sounds better from a marketing perspective. It is the brainchild of Robert Daley, Chief Executive Officer, and Henry Thorne, Chief Technology Officer, two techies who know technology can improve infant products but who also need the on-the-ground feedback of real moms and caregivers.
The genesis of the mamaRoo is based on observation. Daley and Thorne recognized that parents don’t vibrate like standard bouncy seats or swing like swings. They bounce and sway. Daley and Thorne also knew technology could replicate those natural motions. To achieve that goal, engineers and robotics experts wired real moms with accelerometer vests to chart their motion as they sought to comfort infants. The resulting mamaRoo has a dual motion robotic platform inside the base that replicates five unique motions: Car Ride, Ocean Wave, Rock-A-Bye, Tree Swing, and Kangaroo.
The mamaRoo accommodates infants up to about 25 pounds. It has reversible plush toy balls and five built-in nature sounds, plus a connection for any MP3 player if desired. It also offers adjustable speeds: slow down for rest or speed up to play. And the mamaRoo seat reclines to any position along its axis, from recline for napping to upright for play. Especially attractive to hospitals is the unit’s machine-washable fabric, which zips in and out for easy cleaning. Fabric covers are sold separately so hospitals can have a supply on hand or order one for each infant.
The sleek-looking unit has a small footprint and can be connected to standard wall outlets. Since power is employed, the mamaRoo is safely used placed on the floor. However, the controls are so easy to use, settings can be changed with the touch of a toe. The product is now also available outside the United States.
According to Emily Cappo, 4moms Director of Public Relations, hospitals often start out ordering one or two mamaRoos, but quickly find that nurses and hospital caregivers like it so much, they want more. “While word of mouth drives excitement about this product, we’re also showcasing it at tradeshows where the reception has been fantastic. We’ll next demonstrate the mamaRoo at the 2012 Conference of the National Association of Neonatal Nurses in Palm Springs this fall,” said Cappo.
And, yes, the original moms are still involved, even though their own children are now grown. “They join us at tradeshows and enjoy speaking with people who want to know more about the mamaRoo. We’d all love to see the mamaRoo in as many hospitals as possible,” said Cappo.
To that end, 4moms offers a substantial discount to healthcare providers. (The product is available at select stores and at, and retails for $199.99 and $239.99 depending on cover choice.)
South Florida Hospital News and Healthcare Report caught up via e-mail with 4moms’ CEO Robert Daley on a trip abroad. “That the mamaRoo is useful to hospitals is one of our favorite things about the product,” said Daley. “We’re thrilled to know it helps with the invaluable care doctors and nurses give their infant patients. Fortunately, 4moms is growing rapidly thanks to the success of all our products, and as our capabilities increase we can do even more to let hospitals know the mamaRoo and our hospital pricing are available.”

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