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Saturday March 28, 2020

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February 2020 - Volume 16 - Issue 8




Century Ambulance Nominees for 2020 Florida Star of Life Awards

The Florida Star of Life Award honors Florida Paramedics, EMTs, Dispatchers and other EMS workers who have gone above and beyond their call of duty in service to the community or the EMS profession.
Jeffrey Avinger, Paramedic, joined Century Ambulance in 2016. He has since become a critical care paramedic and helped in the implementation of Century’s critical care program. This unit also piloted a tele-stroke program, during which Jeff became the point person. He also assists the Century training department, instructs crews in special events training, and maintains crews and staff onsite for NFL games and events.
Anthony Carrillo, Critical Care Paramedic, joined Century in 2018, following retirement from the U.S. Army, and relocation to South Florida. Anthony currently works as a Critical Care Paramedic, Flight Medic, and Field Training Officer. He has set the bar high for Clinical Care and thrives on providing outstanding care for the most critical patients.
Jane Mieras, Critical Care Paramedic, began her EMS career 27 years ago and has been with Century Ambulance since 2002. Jane has risen through the ranks becoming a Critical Care Paramedic and holding positions as Station Captain and Field Training Officer. Working in both the 911 and inter-facility patient care arenas, Jane’s extensive knowledge and experience makes her a shining example for anyone aspiring to work in EMS.
Lori Simmons, System Status Coordinator, employed by Century Ambulance since 2016, Lori has worked her way up from Call Taker to Dispatcher, and is now the System Status Coordinator. She is responsible for the deployment of ambulances based on the hour-of-the-day and day-of-the-week in order to match supply based on Unit Hours of Utilization (UHU), with expected demand, expressed as calls for service. Her expertise and work ethic combine to provide faster response to Century’s customers and better outcomes for patients.

Robert “Andy” Wilson, EMT, began with Century in 2016, following experience in security services, tactical medical teams, and as a certified 911 Public Safety Telecommunicator. As a Field Training Officer, Andy works closely with Century’s Medical Director and Training Manager to implement new and exciting education programs for Century Ambulance employees. A recent paramedic graduate, Andy is excited for an opportunity to further excel in the EMS field. 

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