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Friday May 14, 2021

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August 2016 - Volume 13 - Issue 2


The Bridge to Value-Based Care Success

With the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) demonstrating a commitment to expand their use of bundled payments, both challenges and opportunities are emerging for hospitals as they manage costs, grow market share and standardize in order to improve quality.

A Medtel client, Dr. Richard Iorio, William and Susan Jaffe Professor of Orthopedic Surgery, explains, “The system has moved from fee-for-service to fee-for-value.” The challenge, however, is in understanding how to measure quality. Medtel does precisely that - assess the quality of care. Medtel is easy to use, and it provides reliable and repeatable clinical data, identifies risk at the earliest opportunity, pinpoints operational inefficiencies, and controls costs while systematically achieving value-based reimbursement.
How do we get there?
Since 2013, the Medtel team has helped providers transform their organizations to be successful in delivering value-based care. Teamwork across disciplines is required. All healthcare members involved in patient care from the moment surgery is scheduled through the recovery phase must be willing to work together to optimize the surgical outcome.
The first step to success is taking the first step.
To transform your team, it is critical to automate the communication between your surgical offices and the hospital. Our Medtel solution automates that communication while performing 3 critical functions:
1. Puts the entire healthcare team on the same page at the same time;
2. Identifies the clinical risks of the procedure (readmission risks);
3. Identifies the financial risks of the procedure (controls internal costs).
At the time the case is scheduled and before the surgical event takes place, administrators and physician leaders have the opportunity to shape behavior, control surgical costs and optimize the post-acute care phase.
Medtel’s CEO and Co-founder, Harold Mondschein, elaborates on how Medtel helps achieve the optimal cost-quality balance. “Medtel’s commitment is to shift the risk and burden away from our hospital partners. Ease of use and rapid implementation combine to empower team members, enhance workflows, and deliver a tangible financial impact beyond their expectations. Targeted communication designed for the surgical care process allows hospitals to deliver best-in-class care while operating smoothly and efficiently under the ‘fee-for-value’ model.”
Medtel is a technology company that develops communication and logistics software for hospitals. Its cloud-based system is designed to improve the efficiency of surgical procedures. The platform uses analytics to manage clinical and financial risks. For more information about Medtel, visit

For more information, contact Harold Mondschein at (212) 777-7722 or or visit

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