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Sunday September 27, 2020

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December 2008 - Volume 5 - Issue 6


South Florida’s ‘Link’ to Quality Health Care Construction

In 2001, two general contractors, Guillermo "Willy" Fernandez and Miguel "Mickey" Cerra combined their entrepreneurial spirit and created a business plan to utilize their cumulative work experience in the construction industry. When the time was opportune, they took the plunge opening up Link Construction Group, Inc, a Construction Management, General Contracting, Design/Build Firm focusing on Commercial, Healthcare, Parks and Recreation, Office, Industrial, Educational, Financial, Hospitality and Retail Industries within the South Florida Geographic Region.

Since then, these business partners, both construction management graduates of Florida International University, have accumulated corporate honors and recognition including: a listing on South Florida Business Journal’s Top 25 General Contractors, Fastest Growing Companies, and Top 100 Best Places To Work; along with Greater Miami Chamber of Commerce’s Top 100 Largest Minority Companies to name a few.

Over the years Link has matured with the evolution of different types of projects and applies a unique focus on the specific needs applicable to each industry sector. For example, they recognized that the Healthcare industry was undergoing constant update and change with new and innovative medical equipment and technology. Therefore they responded with construction design and criteria change in order to adequately meet the needs of enhanced technology. Equally important, the sensitive confines of health care facilities require the ultimate in quality, safety and cleanliness during construction or renovation of the area. That means flexible plans and design site utilization while forecasting a construction schedule with a focus on patient and staff comfort and safety-- all within negotiated fee packages.

Cerra cites communication as a key factor within the industry which enables the delivery of project savings to clients, whether due to time efficiencies or materials savings.

"Good communication allows us to plan construction phases with minimum interruption to current patient services," he said.

When flexibility and instantaneous response can create huge efficiencies and avoid scheduling overruns, the internet is as much a tool as hammers and nails are.

"Having the ability to stay in-touch and in contact in "Real Time" such as Blackberry technology, video conferencing, live video feeds from job sites, etc. is a vital element to staying on top of each project and resolving challenges on the spot," Cerra commented.

Many high end residential construction projects are feeling the pinch of a depressed real estate market but Link’s health care renovation niche in the $1 to $20 million range is successfully weathering the storm. Cerra credits their health care construction experience as the foundation for their on-going success even in a flattening economy. In fact, the current economic downturn has opened up a new pool of highly qualified sub contractors to Link enabling them to selectively hire the cream of the crop at current market rates thus remaining highly competitive for both workers and clients.

"When it comes to understanding the complexities of hospital construction including intricacies of AHCA inspections, infection control, flux in hospital census, and a host of life safety issues, there is no substitute for experience," he submits.

Cerra also notes that with success comes responsibility and views community participation as an integral part of business from direct financial support to encouraging employee sharing of time, talent and effort through membership at large and active leadership. Various local Chambers of Commerce throughout Miami-Dade and Broward Counties to industry specific organizations counts Link employees on their active membership rolls.

For more information, call Mickey Cerra at (305) 665-9826 or e-mail
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