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August 2008 - Volume 5 - Issue 2


South Florida IT Specialists Helping Healthcare Offices Run More Smoothly

One of the common computer mistakes that Michael Gdovic, president of South Florida Computer Specialists, sees healthcare professionals often make is not backing up their data on a regular basis. Unfortunately, it usually takes a data disaster to compel them to make a regular habit of backing up data.

"We run into too many situations where the computer hard drive just died and they have no reliable back-up to get them back up and running," says Gdovic.

Critical data files often stored on networks should be backed up on a regular basis, Gdovic stresses.

"Not only do you have to back up your files regularly, you also need to check to make sure your back-up system is working properly," he says. "Recovering lost data is easier if your files are backed up somewhere. With a good back-up system that runs on a regular basis, we can usually have an office up and running in about 30 minutes."

If your office doesn't have a regular back-up system, Gdovic says his team will come out to your office and customize a cost-effective solution for your office.

Gdovic and his team of IT specialists have been helping South Florida residents and business professionals with their computer and technology needs for about two years now. About 30 percent of its clients are healthcare professionals. Since many small offices don't have an IT department or a dedicated IT person on staff, they will outsource their IT needs to South Florida Computer Specialists. Gdovic's company will assume responsibility for the full scope of an office's IT applications, infrastructure and operation.

"We often work with those in the healthcare industry who may not have the opportunity to get good quality internal IT help," Gdovic says. "We become an outside IT department and can assist them with any technical needs. We're also very aware of the differences in their schedules and are flexible to the point where we can accommodate them."

South Florida Computer Specialists is an onsite IT company located in Boca Raton, Florida, serving the South Florida marketplace from West Palm Beach and as far south as Miami. The company offers an array of services to help keep computers and networks running smoothly, from computer repair and troubleshooting to wired and wireless networking.

"As an onsite IT company, we come to your place of business and provide onsite computer and technology services," says Gdovic. "We address any technical needs that a medical office may have."

Another common issue among healthcare professionals is problems with the software that are sold to them by medical companies. Sometimes an office may not have the minimal technical requirements in their system to run the software, and at times, they are not taking full-advantage of the capabilities of the software.

"The software tends to be under-utilized or over-utilized," Gdovic says. "We’ll come out and make recommendations on how to run that particular software based on your needs. Some of the programs are just more sophisticated than the doctors realize."

A final common issue is with spyware and adware. If a network is down due to a virus or spyware, Gdovic or someone from his staff will come out to inspect the system and use up to five virus and spyware programs to get to the root of the problem.

One of its key competitive edges over other IT companies is that South Florida Computer Specialists staff speaks in terminology that people can understand.

"We don't use geek speak," Gdovic says. "We want to speak in terminology you understand. We'll tell you in clear terms what's going on with your office equipment and provide specialized solutions for your office that is designed to make your office more efficient and really increase productivity. Some IT companies are very arrogant and tend to be know-it-alls. We’re more concerned about speaking in terms you can understand so you know what's going on."

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