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Sunday March 24, 2019

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September 2010 - Volume 7 - Issue 3




SmartHealth Network™ Helps Physicians Market their Practices While Increasing Patient Satisfaction

South Florida medical professionals now have a free opportunity to build patient rapport and increase their office revenues with the SmartHealth Network™, an innovative education tool that promotes the health and welfare of their patients.

The service, offered by SmartHealth Media, provides NBC-produced health and wellness programming on flat screen televisions in physicians’ waiting rooms. The network offers engaging healthcare programs that heighten awareness about preventative measures while educating patients on specific health issues. Patients can also participate in health trivia quizzes, view health recipes and stay updated on local weather.
SmartHealth Media is expanding its service in South Florida, and will open an East Coast office in the Miami area in September. The service will be available free of charge to the first 50 medical offices that apply and meet the criteria of serving 200+ patients a week.
“We chose South Florida for our expansion because it is a thriving healthcare community,” said Matt Boshcka, president, owner and co-founder of SmartHealth Media. “We want to work with healthcare offices, healthcare managers and physicians to help them market their practices. Studies show a 40 percent improvement in branding and recall of a physician’s practice with our type of waiting room programming, and a 15 percent improvement in patient related sales inquires.”
Benefits include:
• Increased sales inquiries
• Decreased patient perceived wait time
• No out-of-pocket costs
• Creative and cutting-edge content
• Improved patient retention and word of mouth
• Measurable results
“Since adding the SmartHealth Network™ to our waiting room, we have had many compliments from our patients about the engaging content and the sharp look of the LG screen on the office wall, “ said a Milwaukee office manager.
Programming includes segments that are important and relevant to a patient’s everyday life. Each month, the SmartHealth Network™ covers a different topic such as healthy heart awareness, cancer awareness, diabetes, cholesterol management and mental health. Additional topics include nutrition, fitness, daily health, getting to know your physician and pharmacy-related topics. The content loops in 60-minute cycles, eventually growing into a full eight-hour network.
SmartHealth designates a period of time on each screen that can be completely dedicated to the individual medical practice to promote inner office services, healthcare screenings, policies or new offerings. A creative/strategic team will consult with the office to help determine what will work best, and create basic information pieces at no charge.
“By having the ability to easily update and promote our services on the SmartHealth Network™, I have noticed an increase in the number of screenings and a decrease in patient complaints,” said a Chicago office manager.
The SmartHealth Network™ is provided for free, because it is supported by third-party advertisers, such as the Ad Council, and companies that offer healthy consumer products. There are also opportunities available for local advertising and sponsorship.
Equipment, which includes a 32” – 37” LG eco-friendly flat panel screen TV, will be installed free during a convenient and appropriate time, either during, before or after office hours. SmartHealth Media will provide maintenance and servicing for any equipment for the term of the subscription.
“Physicians have significant untapped profit and marketing potential they can capture while patients are waiting,” said Boshcka. “We provide an engaging and entertaining education tool that helps them promote their practices in a way that can create more satisfied patients and visitors.”
The service is first come, first served. Only 50 offices will receive this free service. To learn more about the SmartHealth Network™ and sign up, visit or call (608) 397-1855.
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