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August 2017 - Volume 14 - Issue 2


Shredding Confidential: Medi Docs at the Cutting Edge

When medical students think forward to careers, they usually focus on actual patient care and cure rather than the business aspects of laundry, medical waste disposal, office equipment maintenance, medical records, billing, document privacy and storage—all of which are complex, time consuming and often government regulated. Experienced physician offices know that file cabinets and antiquated storage systems do not meet federal privacy requirements and endanger patient safety if patient histories are inadequate, unreadable or unavailable. Additionally, lapses in care documentation due to loss or theft of records can expose physician practices to costly, reputation-damaging litigation.

Outsourcing these necessary functions is the route many offices pursue to ensure excellence and continuity of care delivery. However when it comes to scanning and shredding of confidential documents, the assurance of patient privacy, ready access to data, customer service during scanning and options to securely dispose of documents once digitized are all issues to contemplate when reviewing vendor options.
Medi Docs Safeguarding Medical Documents
Recognizing the niche for professional handling of confidential documents, Joshua Repensek combined his entrepreneurial spirit and IT bent and founded Medi Docs, a full service medical document scanning firm specializing in the digitization of medical records to assist physicians in streamlining office administration through efficient paperless workflow at low costs. Founded 10 years ago, this HIPAA compliant firm has catered to the medical industry health information space to safeguard medical documents and provide quality control through scanning, shredding and storage expertise offering a digital solution to the South Florida market.
Medi Docs provides 5 Star customer service including: file pick up and inventory, with removal of staples, paper clips, binding or sticky notes. The scanning process begins at their secure site using Canon production grade equipment featuring ultrasonic multi-feed detection, auto page de-skew (corrects the page orientation when scanned at an angle), blank page removal and auto image enhancement. Sensitive documents are then processed with OCR (Optical Character Recognition) an invisible layer of text making PDFs searchable. This process also corrects orientation of pages that may have been scanned sideways. Files are then organized into a folder tree, loaded into a flash drive and returned to your office.
Patent Pending Device to Revolutionize Shredding Industry
Now, having exceeded the standards for protecting sensitive patient data Medi Docs has entered a new era introducing a device that promises to revolutionize the shredding industry. Currently, most offices who utilize a digital solution to patient privacy still must take steps to shred or store the original document. They typically contract with vendors who make routine weekly or monthly scheduled pick-ups whether there is a need or not.
Medi Docs has a patent pending system to save money on shredding needs with a no contract, on-demand service.
“A sensor is attached to your cabinet bin which allows us to simplify the shredding process in a cost-effective manner,” Repensek explained. “The sensor tracks the content status and holding capacity of the shredding cabinet and sends empty space readings to our data management system. “
Then shredding pickups are scheduled at your convenience based on when your box has indicated it is full. This eliminates paying for shredding when you don’t need it or dealing with overflow bins and documents backed up for shredding while waiting for scheduled pick-ups. The sensor triggers email notifications to you with measurements to pace the shredding bin capacity. Then through an app interface it schedules drivers according to the most efficient geographic routes within 24 hours of notification. You receive a data report to monitor usage and are only charged a $39.99 flat fee when a pick-up is needed.
When full, a Medi Docs technician will come pick up your materials for shredding and issue the AAA Document of Destruction.
The sensor is installed by a certified Medi Docs technician to a pry-proof shredding bin. It works on a cellular connection so there is no danger of breach with any WIFI network.
Based on initial utilization, clients have realized up to 25% savings annually, according to Repensek. If offices are grandfathered into major volume discounts with vendors, Medi Docs will match pricing.
Medi Docs’ South Florida location provides flexibility and responsiveness that many national companies cannot without surcharges. They understand the local market dynamic and provide a secure, courteous, professional and personal approach, while supporting the local economy and ensuring that all shredding is recycled to minimize environmental impact.

For an immediate Medi Docs consultation or quote, call 800-633-3650. 

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