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February 2005 - Volume 1 - Issue 7

ServData Simplifies Practice Management

For most physicians, taking care of patients is a full-time job. But in addition to healing, many doctors also take on the responsibility of running a practice while managing risk contracts and controlling costs. This can be a time-consuming and sometimes frustrating endeavor.

ServData, with offices in Miami and Tampa, was created to help primary care physicians access and utilize the data they need to work with managed care companies. Founded in 1999 by Dario Boza and Dr. Ken Burkhart, the company provides doctors with a practice management system and paid claims data analysis software that enable them to track expenses, follow patients' progress and run their offices more efficiently.

"ServData's Office System (SOS) is a practice management system that promotes efficiencies in medical offices," explained Dr. Burkhart, who formerly practiced as a gastroenterologist in the Tampa Bay area. "It not only works as a tool to cut costs, but also provides for quality patient care. The Data Warehouse system takes paid claims data from the payer, like the insurance company, and puts it into a software product that is easy to manipulate by the end-user. This enables doctors to see what their costs are, what they are paying each vendor and even how their patients are doing. It might show which patient is due for a PAP smear or a breast exam, or if a patient who is diabetic is not doing what they need to contain the disease."

"While most doctors know if they have a patient that is sick a lot of the time, they may not know how many times that patient has visited the emergency room in the last six months," he continued. "Sometimes patients don't share that information. Our Data Warehouse software enables the physician to see how many emergency room visits were made, when a patient has gone to a specialist, what medications have been prescribed and how often those medications were filled. It enables the physician to provide better managed care."

According to Dr. Burkhart, better managed care also means lower costs to physicians. "It's a long-standing thought that costs on the back-end are less when patients are provided with good preventative care," he explained. "When doctors provide better quality care that is less costly, they make more money. And because primary care physicians are the mainstay of managed care companies, it is to their benefit if the doctors are happy."

ServData's Data Warehouse, which runs on a Windows platform, gives doctors an updated CD each month after the claims data is released. The data on each CD is cumulative, which enables physicians to have patient histories as far back as the insurance data covers. SOS also provides full demographic patient records, membership downloads, scheduling, patient ledgers, billing, periodic code updates and the ability to create custom reports.

Though ServData does have some clients in Chicago and New York, approximately 95 percent of their market is in Florida. "Right now, we're focused on the local provider network," explained Dr. Burkhart, who added that they receive claims data from the area's three major HMOs, Humana, WellCare and Vista. While the product is primarily marketed to PCPs, it can also be used by MSOs (Management Services Organizations), PHOs (Physician-Hospital Organizations) and self-insured employers.

All of ServData's software products follow HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996) standards, which are designed to ensure patient confidentiality. HIPAA mandates the standards for the electronic exchange of healthcare data in order to protect the security and privacy of personally identifiable healthcare information.

As for the future, Dr. Burkhart sees the company continuing to grow, and to change as new technology develops. "On the paid claims data side, not a lot of things are going to change appreciably--a vendor will provide a bill, it will generate a claim, and knowing where that claim is in relation to a patient will stay pretty much the same," he said.

On the other hand, new medical technology will require the company to make changes in what the software analyzes, based on client needs. "For example, an individual might decide to begin using new radiology tests," explained Dr. Burkhart. "We can program the system to pinpoint those costs, as well as compare each vendors' costs for that service."

"Basically, I think we'll be doing the same thing we're doing now, only larger," he said of where he sees ServData progressing in the next five years. "We want to continue to grow in an orderly fashion, offering a good product and good technical support service. We don't want to lose sight of that goal."

For more information on ServData's products, visit or call (305) 269-7374.
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