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September 2006 - Volume 3 - Issue 3


Renaissance CEO Creates New Model for Healthcare

When Noel J. Guillama started Renaissance Health Systems in 2002, he wanted to create something that had never before existed in healthcare—a solutions company that supported both physicians and payers, while still improving the quality of care for patients.

"After having worked in healthcare for 13 years, doing everything from practice management to managed care contracting, I believed that we needed a paradigm shift to align the provider, payer, and administrators in a better way," explained Guillama. "I wanted to create a company that would allow physicians to provide the same quality of care, or even improve the quality of care, by making their practices more cost-effective and responsive."

Guillama gives the example of a typical Florida practice, which deals with an average of 13 managed-care contracts. "That’s 13 different phone numbers a physician has to call for referrals, and 13 different people to call about problems with a bill," he said. "Doctors also have to provide separate credentialing to each of these companies. By contracting with us, they make one call, and we take on the responsibility."

Renaissance Health Systems also makes it easier for payers to expand into new markets. "We can help payers expand into a new area almost overnight," said Guillama of the company that has contracted with more than 900 physicians and four managed care organizations. "Through our contacts, our payers are able to attract the best physicians in the community, and we then manage those relationships, creating efficiency."

To do this, Renaissance provides all of the practice management services a physician needs under one roof through its strategic relationships with partner companies, while also managing coordination-of-care relationships with payers. "Physicians simply don’t have the time, resources, or depth of management experience to do this," said Guillama of the multi-faceted approach that Renaissance provides.

Before starting Renaissance Health Systems, Guillama founded Metropolitan Health Networks in 1996, a managed provider network that was a contractee of Humana Health Care. He retired from the business, which had grown to earn $120 million in revenues, in order to establish this new business model, which he describes as ‘revolutionary.’

"The biggest challenge I face is conveying why we’re different to managed-care organizations and physicians," said Guillama. "We’re not like any other company in Florida, or in the industry. Because we’re trying to build something different, we need to spend more time explaining what makes us unique. And our message is getting through."

Guillama believes that one of the reasons for their success is that he encourages feedback from both staff and clients. "This is not a dictatorship," he said. "I do make the final decisions, but only after consulting with our staff. Everyone knows that we not only have an open-door policy, but that we encourage interaction—we are always open to the advice and suggestions of our staff.

"Every employee here is also an Equity Owner of the company—it even says so on their business cards," he added. "I don’t know of any other company that works like that."

Guillama also enjoys getting out into the field, where he interacts with physicians on a daily basis. "I love being outside the office—I feel most productive when I’m out there shaking hands and talking to doctors," he said. "My management team and I also field any physician office calls or emails that come in—they don’t go to a holding box. This way, we are confident that we always know what the issues are."

Understanding clients’ needs is also the focus of the field and corporate staff. "Because I consider Renaissance to be a knowledge company, I remind the staff about the importance of the quality of knowledge and information that they provide and implement in their daily activities," said Guillama. "We don’t produce products—what makes us different, and invaluable to our clients, is our knowledge base."

In such a continually evolving industry, Guillama believes that being open to new sources of knowledge, and the changes that they may bring, can help in his company’s success. "My management philosophy is to set a vision for the company and to put plans in place to reach those goals," he said. "I’ll be the first to admit that because of time, circumstances and conditions, those plans will continue to evolve.

"My best advice is to keep an open mind," he continued. "In the world today, with information moving so fast, if you think you have all of the solutions, or aren’t willing to change your plans, you’ll soon be outdated."

For more information on Renaissance Health Systems, call (877) 778-9300 or visit Renaissance is part of The Quantum Group of Companies (
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