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Saturday August 8, 2020

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July 2005 - Volume 2 - Issue 1


Publisherís Note

A Personal Pursuit of Happiness

I wish I could tell you that we here at South Florida Hospital News purposely chose the month of July to launch our publication last year, but that was more coincidence than anything. As we began planning this new business publication for our regionís healthcare community, the timing of the first issue was mostly dictated by how soon we could sell enough ads and collect enough copy to put together a quality newspaper and distribute it.

But, in hindsight, Iím really pleased with how it all worked out. For obvious reasons, the month of July instills thoughts of freedom and independence, along with a genuine appreciation for all the blessings we Americans enjoy. First and foremostóand regardless of what some critics might sayówe still boast the most dedicated professionals and highest quality of health care available anywhere in the world, and that which is available right here in our own backyard is simply nonpareil.

The freedoms we share, most purchased with the blood, sweat and tears of others, enable each of us to pursue our personal happiness, however we define it for ourselves. For me, it has meant marrying an incredible woman, raising two terrific sons, and not long ago sharing in the unbelievable moment of having my wonderful daughter-in-law hand me my first grandchild, a beautiful little girl. Our dreams have brought us to this virtual paradise we call Florida, where we publish a newspaper that seems to have real value, at least when measured by the response weíre seeing in material submitted, advertising placed, and unsolicited kudos from readers.

Like the man said, it doesnít get much better than this.

The Fourth of July also prompts me to think about traditions, old and new. This holiday, the traditional Felix family gathering will be enhanced in two ways: not only will my granddaughter, Mackenzie, swell the crowd by one, but we will all gather around to inaugurate our new swimming pool. Our family volleyball games of yearís past will become water volleyball matches, complete with entirely too much dunking and splashing. We all know that change is inevitable, but that doesnít mean itís a negative, just a bit wetter! In our case, to quote Martha Stewart, "Itís a good thing."

Iím not sure how long something has to exist before it is considered a tradition, but I sincerely hope that South Florida Hospital News is becoming a tradition for you. (Okay, after one year, Iíll settle for a habit.) We are committed to providing our readers with a high quality, useful, user-friendly publication that provides real value to everyone involved in our regionís healthcare industry. To do this, we are dependent on you, our reader, to continue to send us information, suggest story ideas, patronize our advertisers, and provide feedback.

In the meantime, I want to thank you for a tremendous first year. It truly exceeded all expectations. Your support validated our belief that South Florida Hospital News would be a welcome addition to this area and has served to encourage us not to relax our standards. We promise to strive only to get better.

All of us at South Florida Hospital News wish you a happy and safe Fourth of July and a pleasant and relaxing rest of summer. We also hope that you will celebrate our first anniversary with us because we truly couldnít have reached it without you. Hereís to many, many more.

Charles Felix, Publisher

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