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Tuesday August 4, 2020

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September 2011 - Volume 8 - Issue 3


Publisher's Note

It’s a “Shore” Thing
After spending a recent weekend at the Jersey Shore, I now know that the much-maligned TV show is so much more than a reality show. It’s a true documentary. In fact, the History Channel should seriously consider picking up its option!
Now I’m by no means a regular viewer, however I’d have to be six feet under not to have seen a segment or two. But even after growing up right across the river in New York, I really thought all the hair gel, sleeveless t-shirts, hulky guys and outrageous girls was a gross exaggeration. Boy was I mistaken.
I have to say initially a native New Yorker visiting the “Shore” after living in South Florida for 10 years felt a bit like “carry coals to New Castle.” But then Carol and I spent the weekend with my brother Ted and his wife Cheryl on their beautiful boat in Toms River, NJ. First, let me say what a great weekend we had, but it wasn’t without its shocks … cultural and otherwise.
Our weekend was definitely an exercise in “don’t judge a book by its cover.” Yes, the hair was big (and sometimes poufy), the tans were dark (and probably not courtesy of the sun) and the gold jewelry was everywhere. But we had a ball meeting some fun, genuinely nice people, most of whom spend a major part of their time on their boats … making them the “Real Folks from the Jersey Shore.” No Snookie or Vinny to be found.
And after watching Hurricane Irene miss Florida this weekend and work her way up the coast, I can only hope that our new New Jersey friends fared well and suffered no damage.
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