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April 2008 - Volume 4 - Issue 10


Publisher’s Note

Wedding wisdom … Never argue with a woman when she’s tired … or when she’s rested.

Regular readers may remember my publisher’s note last winter entitled "The Rules of Engagement," which heralded the engagement of our son Drew and Carly. Well, I’m pleased to announce, somewhat exhaustedly I must admit, that the beaming groom (weren’t we just teaching him to ride a 2-wheeler?) and truly stunning princess bride Carly were married just a few weeks ago in a setting to rival a Hollywood movie! With the Atlantic Ocean at sunset as a backdrop, a small group of family and friends witnessed a lovely, intimate ceremony punctuated with lots of laughter and even a few tears.

We all had a truly terrific wedding weekend. The weather cooperated, the airlines cooperated, heck – even combative relatives cooperated! The weekend officially began on Saturday night at the rehearsal dinner overlooking the Intracoastal. After watching 40 people devour their own weight in steak, chicken, drinks and hors d’oeuvres, I can honestly say, "These people are pros … they definitely did not need to "rehearse" the eating part." Sunday, the big day dawned bright and sunny. Most of the aforementioned guests spent the day alternating between the beach and the restaurant (more eating). But on the morning of his wedding day, when many grooms and ushers might have been on the golf course or joining their guests on the beach, me and my two guys — Drew and Josh — went to Target! (Whereas many families might have searched for exotic vacation spots, Carol always knew that her "guys" needed to be within a regulation .5 miles of a neon sign, preferably advertising a "big box" store.) So off we went happy as clams. We had a shopping list for the groom, a list for the bride, even a list from the mother of the bride EJ. We were men on a mission, doing what we had been born to do!

And before you knew it, it was 2 p.m. and we were getting dressed for a wedding that wouldn’t happen for 3 ˝ hours. Guys will never understand this part, but pictures obviously take a long time. As I said before, the wedding was picture postcard perfect and a very good time was had by all. As you read this, Drew and Carly will have returned from their Puerto Rico honeymoon. I wish them many more days as happy as their wedding day and many more occasions to celebrate with their families and friends.

As I close, I can’t help thinking that for all the months of planning and discussing, the weekend flew by in a blur. Why do all the good times seem to go by much quicker than the bad? But I want to leave you with the same advice I gave Drew as I stabbed him with the boutonničre pin … advice that has served me well over the last 37 years with Carol. Early on, I let her know who was boss. I looked her right in the eye and clearly said, "You’re the boss!"

Charles Felix, Publisher

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