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Sunday April 18, 2021

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April 2021 - Volume 17 - Issue 10

Publisher's Note

When You Open Up the Door for Elijah … and the Easter Bunny Walks In    

In these days of division, strife and interfaith, inter-racial, single-sex unions, I am longing for the day when we can finally strike prepositions like “inter” from our vocabularies and just get along. Considering the pandemic, we’re all going through together, and the loss of more than 2.7 million lives worldwide, isn’t it time to recognize we are all intrinsically linked no matter race, religion, socio-economic level or nationality.
The definition of symbiosis is a mutually beneficial relationship between different people or groups. That is what we should all be seeking in our daily lives. There was a time when my parents were getting married and the mere idea of marrying out of your religion was an absolute anathema. Yet the generation survived and thrived. Then we rolled into decades of inter-racial relationships. We even witnessed the first African American president take the oath of office not once, but twice. Yet we survived this “radical” development and flourished. And here in South Florida, we’re a virtual melting pot with dozens of different nationalities to enrich our lives on a daily basis.
I’d be willing to bet most of us have spouses, children and grandchildren of different races and religions. While I grew up going to Passover Seders in April, I now attend Easter Hunts as well. (And let’s face it — a chocolate bunny trumps a piece of Matzoh any day.) Peek in our pantry and the Brach’s Jellybeans sit side-by-side with Manischewitz Macaroons and visiting an Asian Grocery is no longer an unusual occurrence. I’m further encouraged when I see my grandchildren’s friends playing together oblivious of race and religion, understanding that sometimes “good trouble” is warranted when other kids are being teased and bullied.
But perhaps one of my most eye-opening experiences was during my Brooklyn childhood growing up next door and knowing Ruth Berman who fought a battle for equality and acceptance with her same sex partner for more than 4 decades. Leading LGBT activists, Ruth and Connie finally married in 2011. As a child I was relatively oblivious to the reactions of our provincial Coney Island co-op’s reaction to their lifestyle choice, but guess what, we’re all still standing and, I know, the better for it.
So, what I’m probably clumsily trying to impart is that it’s way past time to stop the war of racist words and innuendos and behavior that has plunged our country into turmoil with fatal consequences. Let’s look to our healthcare heroes in particular as true shining examples of functioning melting pots of ethnicities. Look no further than our local hospitals to see these Pandemic healthcare avengers from countries too numerous to mention. 

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