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Saturday October 31, 2020

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September 2020 - Volume 17 - Issue 3


Publisher's Note

Getting the Dust Off        

Well, this month I’ve literally gotten 2 for the price of one when it comes to wearing my mask. Not only do I wear it out in public but in the Felix homestead as well. You see we’ve just spent the last 3 days having 50-year-old stone tile flooring removed from 80 percent of our house. You know the game “Never Have I Ever?” Well, never have I ever seen so much dust that refuses to disappear no matter how many times we clean it. We’ve gone through two dry/wet vacuums replete with HEPA filters, 3 brooms and more than 100 shop rags in a vain attempt to corral the dust blooms. Carol almost tackled me when I tried to add her precious Oreck vacuum to our cleaning arsenal, but I don’t even think that would make a dent in the dust.
This, of course, is just the preliminary construction zone after property damage to our kitchen back last fall. But I think we’ve learned a valuable, if not painful lesson – MOVE OUT DURING EXTENSIVE CONSTRUCTION and don’t return until professionals have handled the clean-up. Carol who prides herself on curbing my spending didn’t even blink last night when I mentioned a short hotel stay when the floor replacement and kitchen construction starts. Even Gabby who is deaf (lucky for her on this occasion) had to be sent to the dog sitter, after the dust and vibration got too much for her. We naively thought we were prepared to handle the mess, but boy were we wrong.
And after 48 hours of the noise from jackhammering and tile chippers, as we crawled into bed last night – Carol had only one comment … “never again.”

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