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Sunday September 27, 2020

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August 2020 - Volume 17 - Issue 2


Publisher's Note

Keep Calm and Carpe Diem

Although lately it feels as though any kind of living is like partying on the Titanic, life does go on and no one can afford to waste it. And while we can’t forget the lives lost, the thousands currently fighting COVID-19 as well as those suffering the economic implications, we still have to function even in these rough times. As Carol defines it, as much as we’d like to have our big weekend breakfast every day since we work together each morning (and I’m not traipsing from Homestead to Jupiter as I normally do), Monday through Friday are basic cereal days – nose to the grindstone and work goes on. It might not exactly be in the same way, but we still have a newspaper to publish each month and e-newsletters and Zoom healthcare and medical cannabis networking meetings to facilitate.
Basically, all of us in business have three choices, we can lead, we can follow, or we can get out of the way. So, I’m choosing to make my case for the lead dogs. In the Great Depression (for all you babies that was in the 1930s), Kellogg’s seized an opportunity when Post Cereal decided to back off its advertising. And a Cheerios dynasty was born. Then more recently in the 80s recession, Toyota advertised itself into the driver’s seat ahead of Honda and VW. In both cases, Kellogg’s and Toyota decided in times of trouble people look to leaders and too easily forget those on the sidelines.
So as our health crisis has quickly turned into a financial crisis as well, it’s vitally important to keep your business in front of the public, keep your hospital and healthcare facility news healthy, and never miss an opportunity to let everyone know what you’re doing to make our communities safe and well. So, this issue is chockful of leaders who are doing just that even during a pandemic. And for those seeking an extra boost to their current and future careers, read about our educators and all the flexible opportunities they’re providing even if you’re doing most of your networking and continuing education from your living room couches. So stay safe and well and don’t forget your masks!

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