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Saturday March 28, 2020

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February 2020 - Volume 16 - Issue 8




Publisher's Note

Breaking News:

“Unseasonable cold temperatures litter South Florida with stunned iguanas.”
“Iguanas falling from trees in South Florida due to cold temperatures.
And finally, courtesy of a tweet from the National Weather Services: “This isn’t something we usually forecast, but don’t be surprised if you see iguanas falling from the trees tonight.”
As if Carol doesn’t get cold enough when the temperatures hover at 70 degrees, we’ve just spent a week listening to all these dire warnings about poor iguanas. Like many original Northerners, one of our favorite things about South Florida is the weather. But lately I must say, the Felix household has had a few complaints. When even I break out my old fleece, it’s cold. And to exacerbate the problem, I live with a bloodless human being … Carol. This is a woman whose first reaction to a Weather Channel Alert in Chicago or NYC is to check to see if OUR thermostat is working. In short, Carol thinks the most crucial option in a car is a seat heater. So, can you imagine her reaction to weather cold enough to stun iguanas.
But seriously like many Floridians, Carol’s quest for warmer clothes never seems to extend to her footwear. For some odd reason, she thinks if she wears a wool sweater and scarf, the cold won’t notice she has flip flops on or no socks. So, she immediately makes the giant leap to her Uggs. But does a 60-degree temperature really necessitate Sherpa-lined suede boots?
Let’s face it … for those of us who live in South Florida summer isn’t a season, it’s our yearlong climate (and hopefully it will stay that way – but that’s a whole other discussion.) So, let’s hope the Polar Vortex stops messing with our Solar Vortex!

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