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Friday May 14, 2021

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February 2017 - Volume 13 - Issue 8


Publisher's Note

You are only young once, but you can stay immature indefinitely. - Ogden Nash

And as another year has flown by, Carol insists I have managed to do just that beautifully! By the time you read this I will have reached the “overly” ripe age of 66 years. No big party or fanfare (after all I married the Queen of No Frivolous Celebrations), but once again I am in receipt of a major tech IOU from her. Of course Carol being Carol, she added one big caveat … it couldn’t be something to distract at the dinner table (as in updated iPhone, iPad, etc.) or in bed. More and more we’ve found both of us are driving ourselves nuts pretending to listen while really only concentrating on our devices.  Every other day, I’ve forgotten something Carol has said. And before you know it, I’m blaming her several months-old concussion on her forgetting my next day’s schedule. (Trust me – normally she doesn’t forget anything.)
So I guess I need some tech advice. What am I missing? I don’t think our walls can make room for any more TVs, and Amazon’s Alexa already keeps us company in our office. Then there was my drone adventure in December which wasn’t exactly successful after ending up on our neighbor’s roof before being mercifully recalled by the manufacturer. So I am turning to you our readers. Help this birthday boy find his next “big” thing.
But remember her caveat – it can’t be something I can invite to dinner or take to bed with us! In the name of customer service, isn’t it just as important to be well-rested and clear-headed as it is to be responsive 24/7? As Carol sagely informed me last week, “Would I want my urologist to stay awake reading and answering emails the night before my cystoscopy?”

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