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Friday May 14, 2021

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August 2016 - Volume 13 - Issue 2

Publisher's Note

A Funny Thing Happened on the Road to Leadership …

Whether I was the “leader of the pack” or a “sled-dog”, I really think I learned far more than my teams ever did. And the key to it all was and still is Communication! I realized early on that to ever be a successful leader you had to communicate ideas in a clear, concise fashion by word AND deed. And it was equally important as a team member to understand that my job was to hear what was being said, asked or intimated by the leader. Sometimes it’s more important to understand you don’t understand something and communicate your “cluelessness” as it is to pick up the ball and run in the wrong direction. (And according to Carol, my concept of direction can be defined in one word, “Duh?”)
You know the old saying, “Imitation is the greatest form of flattery?” Well from the beginning of my varied career from CPA to hockey owner to publisher, I’ve found that when I rolled up my sleeves so did those around me. Maybe I was just lucky in that I always was surrounded by great people (of course, I usually was the one doing the hiringJ), or I instinctively knew the right time to order pizza for all, but invariably I led and people followed and, best of all, they too became leaders. With few exceptions, I’m still in touch with most of these old employees/friends and I’m never very surprised to hear how they have succeeded in their different career paths.
Equally important to leadership is having the right team in your personal life and in that I’ve been extremely fortunate (yes, Carol is typing this part!) Since most of my professional life has involved 24/7 commitments, I was lucky enough to work alongside my sons for many years and now Carol and I share equally in the production that is South Florida Hospital News & Healthcare Report. But to be perfectly honest while I may appear a “leader” to the outside world, where the inner workings of SFHN&HR are concerned, I think I’m still a lowly intern!

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