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Friday October 23, 2020

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August 2017 - Volume 14 - Issue 2


Plaza Health Network Meets Acuity Care Challenge

Individuals who have experienced a cardiac or pulmonary event may require higher levels of care and monitoring. Plaza Health Network, with seven rehabilitation and skilled nursing care centers throughout Miami-Dade County, is stepping up to meet the challenge of higher acuity care in the skilled nursing environment.

Through a coordinated effort with acute medical facilities and several hospitals, the clinical nursing staff at each Plaza Health center are trained to provide the highest level of specialized care allowable in a skilled nursing facility setting.
“We place a great value on our ability to deliver a higher acuity of care, and it begins with training and education,” said Elaine Bloom, CEO of Plaza Health Network. “Our nursing staff is very well prepared to accommodate such patients.”
Plaza Health nurses at Arch Plaza have been trained on skills such as tracheostomy care and are currently receiving training for their new ventilator unit.
“We conduct continuous re-education and support various skillsets in conjunction with the Director of Nursing at each facility,” said Claudia Innocent, Plaza Health Network’s Chief Clinical Officer.
Plaza Health Network’s clinical staff also diligently manage their patients to minimize hospital readmissions. Each center has invested in advanced technology for positive patient outcomes such as the use of the telemedicine/telemetry program. “This modality enables nurses to assess and monitor cardiac patients and send real-time data to the cardiologists and primary care physicians for prompt interventions,” commented Innocent.
Post-transplant kidney or liver recipients may be susceptible to infections among other complications. Plaza Health’s licensed nurses are trained to monitor changes in their patients’ conditions, and are in continual contact with the specialists for the coordination of care and services. Specialized rehabilitation services also enable patients to return home quickly.
Plaza Health Network has an established patient-first philosophy. One example is their ability to facilitate convenient in- house dialysis service at bedside in order for patients to avoid tiring traveling for dialysis treatment.

Plaza Health Network facilities include: Arch Plaza, Aventura Plaza, Jackson Plaza, Ponce Plaza, Sinai Plaza, South Pointe Plaza, and University Plaza. For more information, call (305) 917-0400, email to, or visit the website at

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