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Sunday September 27, 2020

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December 2008 - Volume 5 - Issue 6


Outsourced HR Services

As a 28 year veteran of HR and Employment related business services I have watched companies progress and re-engineer in all types of economic climates. The current hard market economy forces our clients to continue to re-organize, downsize or rigthsize as needed.

One of the best strategies and most consistent with our successful clients is to treat their company’s services in a "shamrock" fashion. That is to divide the services into three segments and use them accordingly. At the center of the shamrock are your core service needs consumed by your core associates. This includes payroll, benefits, purchased equipment and the core expenses which must be maintained by the company in order to produce goods or services.

The left side of the shamrock can be considered "contracted" essential services. Some examples of these generally include legal, tax, advertising, janitorial, and any leased equipment. These functions and services are typically contracted on a yearly basis and can be negotiated to save money.

The final leaf represents the need for "contingency" services. These may include contracted or temporary staffing and may also now include contracted HR and recruitment services. These services are provided on a "just in time" or as needed basis. One of the areas most affected by cutbacks has been in Human Resources. Therefore, the need for these services may actually increase over time as companies try to maintain lower headcount while still maintaining the need for consistent HR practices. These services provide cost effectiveness as you may only need the services at specific times of the year or for specific projects.

As companies continue to face mounting pressure to sustain profitability, segmenting your need for staff and services in this fashion may make your company more effective and improve profitability.

Jim Infantino is the owner of Infantino Search and Consulting in Boca Raton Florida. Jim can be reached at or (561) 483-8640.
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