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Friday May 14, 2021

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November 2015 - Volume 12 - Issue 5


Medicare and You in 2016

The year 2015 marked the 50th Anniversary of the Medicare program. Over the years Medicare has grown and today provides quality health coverage for more than 50 million Americans.
Recently, the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) mailed out or emailed its “Official U.S. Government - 2016 Medicare Handbook (166 pages)” to current beneficiaries. (If you haven’t received your copy, go to .)
For starters, take a few minutes and review the 2016 Medicare Handbook. The 2016 Medicare benefits provide “Peace of Mind,” so why not get the most out of your coverage. Get the care you need and find the tools to make decisions for a healthier life.
View a few important topics:
• Stay healthy with the 25 preventative services.
• Get access and keep track of your personal health information, using Medicare’s “Blue Button” service.
• Review what Medicare covers and doesn’t cover under Part A & Part B.
• Continue to get help in the prescription drug coverage gap (Donut Hole).
• See a list of the programs of All-Inclusive Care for the Elderly (Pace).
• Find out what you pay for Medicare Part A & Part B.
The 2016 Annual Enrollment Period (AEP) for Medicare beneficiaries, officially opened on October 15th and will end on December 7th. Private commercial and Medicare approved insurance companies have also mailed out there “Annual Notice of Changes” (ANOC) for 2016 plans (340 pages) to their existing members.
Learn about changes to your 2016 plan compared to 2015:
• Review the “Evidence of Coverage” for details about your coverage, costs and more.
• “Formulary” (Drug List), see if a specific drug is covered by your plan? Are your medications in a different Tier Level?
Both of these important documents provide beneficiaries a window of opportunity to think about their Medicare coverage for next year.
This is the time of the year to check the changes:
• To your benefits and costs to see if they affect you.
• To your prescription drug coverage and costs.
• Check to see if your doctors and other providers will be in your network next year.
• Think about your overall health care costs for medical services and medications.
• Are you happy with your 2016 plan?
If you’re not satisfied with your 2016 Plan changes for major medical - Medicare Advantage (Part C) plan or your Part D – Prescription Drug Plans (PDP), then it’s time to consider contacting a Florida licensed health insurance agent/broker, who is certified and appointed with several private Medicare approved insurance companies here in south Florida. Take action now, be prepared and protected for 2016!

John Shaughnessy, Florida Licensed and Certified Medicare Insurance Broker, J.J. Shaughnessy & Associates, can be reached or (954) 214-9497.

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