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Thursday July 16, 2020

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December 2011 - Volume 8 - Issue 6


Marketing & Public Relations Profiles

Martin Memorial Health Systems
Sabrina Glover
Creative Designer
For Sabrina Glover, the advertising field has been a way of life since she was young. Her father had an advertising agency in Fort Myers when she was a child and she used to play in his office and spend time with his art director – at a time when things were done by hand, rather than on computer.
“I learned you could make a living creating art,” Glover said.
It was a lesson that stuck with her. Glover has been involved in advertising and graphic design for 18 years and she recently joined Martin Memorial’s marketing communications department.
“The job is challenging and fast paced. It changes day to day,” she said. “I enjoy making clients happy and producing results. Knowing you’ve created something that thousands of people will see, use or refer to is rewarding.”
For Glover, a resident of Stuart for nearly 20 years, working at Martin Memorial is something of an opportunity to give back to the place she calls home.
“Even though I’m behind the scenes,” she said, “I feel that I’m helping the community, too.”
Candice Raulerson
Marketing Representative
Candice Raulerson began her career at Martin Memorial working as a referral coordinator in the health system’s freestanding emergency department. Working in an environment that combined the business side of health care with the clinical side provided valuable insight when she transitioned to Martin Memorial’s marketing communications department.
“From that position I learned about all the services offered at Martin Memorial,” said Raulerson, who has been with the health system more than three years. “It also allowed me to become familiar with many of the physicians on staff, including those employed by the hospital.”
That experience and familiarity has helped in her role as a marketing representative. Raulerson’s primary responsibility is to work closely with the Martin Memorial Medical Group, featuring more than 80 employed physicians and dependent providers with specialties ranging from primary care to endocrinology, neurology to general surgery and more.
Raulerson helps market their services to the general public as well as to other providers, while developing relationships and keeping physicians connected with the health system.
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