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Friday May 14, 2021

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May 2007 - Volume 3 - Issue 11

Leading with a Vision

In healthcare you can make a difference. I made the decision to work in healthcare when I was about 10 years old because I wanted to help people when they were sick. What I did not realize then is that what I really wanted to do was to make a difference in peoples’ lives. As many people as I could. I wanted to leave my mark.

I wanted people to remember me for the good I can bring them. This is what healthcare is all about. It is a big decision and I applaud all nurses for making that choice.

In healthcare it is easy to forget why we are doing what we do everyday because we get busy. We have many tasks to do and it is not uncommon to forget the reason why we decided to become nurses. We have to remind ourselves: "I am here to make a difference."

So how do we keep our focus when the day to day tasks distract us? For me, the only way you can keep going is by making sure you follow a vision. I consider myself a successful nursing leader because I work with a vision and I lead with a vision.

I believe it to be the key to success. A vision allows nurses to know where we are heading, what we want to accomplish, and gives us a "blueprint" to get there. You can be sure to achieve your goals and live your vision if everyone knows what that vision is and how to get there.

A vision is not a statement on a wall or something that is printed in a policy and procedure manual. So what is a vision? Here are some things to think about:

  • A vision is the fundamental reason for existence beyond just making money
  • A vision is timeless, with unchanging core values
  • A vision is what we aspire to achieve and become
Do you know what your vision is? When you go to work, ask yourself:
  • Does the vision of this facility fit with my beliefs?
  • Do I want to be part of this facilities’ vision?
  • Will I be proud the wear my ID badge, knowing what I signed up to do?
I’d like to share my personal vision. I think it is very simple, very effective, and so far, it has been helpful in allowing me to succeed and make a difference, just like I wanted to from the very beginning.

My vision, simply stated, is: choose a good attitude, be present every moment, make a difference everyday and have fun at work. My vision developed over a period of time and is commonly known as the "FISH! Philosophy". It was an idea that was introduced to me and once I grasped it, I felt like it was something I needed to do well to achieve success.

So find your own vision, shape it, and live it everyday. Healthcare can be tough. But having a vision gives you the perspective you need to do your job and do it well.

People deserve to be taken care of by fine people like you; by healthcare individuals who strive to make a difference. So go out there and live your vision. Choose the right attitude, have fun at work, be present, make someone’s day. It will feel great! And more importantly, you will make a difference.

Sylvain Trepanier, CNO, Palm Beach Gardens Medical Center, can be reached at (561) 694-7200 or
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