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Tuesday August 4, 2020

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December 2018 - Volume 15 - Issue 6


ImageFIRST: Putting the Needs of Your Patients First

As the famous adage goes, your patient’s needs always comes first. Healthcare providers ensure patients are comfortable in their setting – whether it’s in a hospital, doctor's office or outpatient clinic – and strive to provide exceptional care and quality.

One important aspect to this care is high quality medical linens. They allow your patients to feel more comfortable and at ease and just as critical clean lines can prevent the transmission of germs among patients and staff.
“Our clients spend tons of money on advertising, marketing, and analysis on how to improve key areas like Patient Satisfaction and Staff Engagement,” says Jay Juffre, executive vice president of ImageFIRST, a national medical linen company. “There is no less expensive way to increase both than an ImageFIRST linen or scrub program.”
As the largest and leading provider of medical linens to outpatient care, ImageFIRST also offers its healthcare customers the ScrubVAULT System, an easy-to-use cabinet with a compact footprint which was first tested at the University of Miami.
“This latest innovation has taken the industry by storm and now is being utilized in almost every major medical market in the U.S.,” says Juffre.
The ScrubVAULT System allows full accountability for the scrubs being used and by whom. Providers are better able to manage their inventory because the system relies on UHF RFID technology. This ensures providers have the scrubs they need when they need it, making it more beneficial to them and ultimately their patients. It also frees staff to focus more on patients and patient care.
In addition, all of ImageFIRST scrubs and lab coats contain UHF RFID chips for accurate tracking. This helps them manage the program completely so the ImageFIRST representative, called a Customer Advocate, can scan the clean garments on site after making a delivery. This information is then sent automatically to the key contacts at the facility so they know that they have enough scrubs to get them through until the next delivery.
By combining UHF RFID chips in each pair of scrubs with the ScrubVAULT System, they can help keep track of who borrowed scrubs, when, whether they were returned, and what sizes were taken. This process helps to avoid shortages, minimize loss, and help keep an accurate inventory.
ImageFIRST also offers a variety of outpatient and specialty inpatient linen programs throughout the country.
“Our programs focus on improving patient care, staff engagement, safety and cost control,” says Juffre. “We align ourselves with what is important to our clients and proactively help them achieve their top priorities through our programs.”
ImageFIRST provides each of its clients with a Customer Advocate who is dedicated to a customer on an ongoing basis, and supports that facility's linen inventory needs at all times. This comprehensive advocacy service safeguards your facility, so negative impressions never affect your quality of care.
The Customer Advocate:
• Delivers responsive and accountable service that never compromises quality of care.
• Helps streamline linen inventory management and makes ongoing recommendations for increased efficiency.
• Ensures on-time delivery of clean, properly sanitized linens and apparel.
• Delivers “Same-Day Linen Rescue” when there’s an unexpected increase in patient load that requires more supplies.
Juffre says that their Customer Advocate really does make a difference compared to other linen providers who just drop off and pick up scrubs and linen.
A medical linen company such as ImageFIRST can be a valuable asset to healthcare systems notes Juffre.
“Our programs result in worry-free partnerships with our clients,” he explains. “High quality products and inventory management take the focus off the linen and scrubs and puts it back on the patient. We do a great job of taking care of our clients’ needs so they can focus on what’s most important: their patients.”
Staff engagement continues to be more and more important in the healthcare industry adds Juffre.
“If you want to increase your patient satisfaction, the easiest way to do it is to improve staff satisfaction,” he says. “The patient will never be happier than the staff. In many Outpatient settings or small departments, the staff carries a heavy burden and often is required to juggle a lot. Our Customer Advocates manage the linen, scrub and lab coat programs so they do not have to worry about it.”

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