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August 2017 - Volume 14 - Issue 2

ImageFIRST … Just Like Home

Writers laud the sentiments of home and family in prose to signify the highest quality of relationships that we embrace in life. Health care personnel recognize that in most lives there comes a time when illness requires a hospital stay or surgery fraught with concern about medical outcomes. Those are the times when patients long for the comforts of home and family. To ImageFIRST providing that homelike quality and concern in their products and services is a goal to which they have subscribed wholeheartedly over the past 50 years.

This family-owned business practices what it preaches. Their employee “Associates” nationwide are trained to focus on providing your patients with the ultimate in linens and gowns; your staff with the comfort and practicality of scrubs and uniforms that reflect a level of professionalism; and your bottom line with a cost-effective delivery and oversight of medical linens, uniforms and patient apparel that defies taking this on internally.
According to Regional Vice President, Jay Juffre, “We recruit hospitable Associates with character, individuality and diversified skills and empower them with a customer focused attitude that translates into remarkable customer service in all we do.” In return, the company supports associates in their community service projects.
They have even instituted an ImageFIRST 5-Point Product Quality System which ensures a premium product delivered with sanitizing standards that have passed independent laboratory testing to outperform the norm. This includes gowns designed for patient comfort and privacy that are individually packaged. In addition, their bright white linen standard surpasses the seal of approval any mother would demand for her child. All this with an eye on using techniques to limit environmental impact such as minimal water waste and no use of bleach.
“Whether it is through technological advancements such as an instant service app for smart phones or Same Day Linen Rescue on-demand deliveries, communication is at the core of customer service,” noted Jacob Hess, ImageFIRST Customer Advocate.
Every ImageFIRST Associate is constantly monitoring whether they are on track to make sure customer needs are met on time, in advance of a crisis or in timely response to an unforeseen need. An inventory plan for a typical week probably doesn’t include providing care for a patient influx due to a mass casualty; but with a 24/7 user-friendly customer portal details of current linen supplies are easily accessed. If needed, a Customer Advocate is available to answer a call 24/7 to supplement any needs. All bases are covered and chaotic searches to meet unexpected demand are avoided.
Although assurance of a sanitized product with a triple bio shield protective coating which includes plastic wrap safeguard would certainly be enough to meet industry standards ImageFIRST goes a step beyond to seek HLAC (Hospital Laundry Accreditation Council) certification along with independent laboratory inspections to assure customers the highest standards of sanitization. And then, they collect patient feedback to make sure they are on the right track to satisfaction by checking customer input regarding styles, comfort, fashion and luxury.
‘One size fits all’ doesn’t enter the lexicon at ImageFirst. For example, the detail that goes into designing and sanitizing scrubs for staff is different than for patients. Staff uniforms are fabricated to protect against liquids, so openings and cuffed sleeves are options that the customer decides according to types of procedures. On the other hand, patients appreciate comfort, privacy and even style factors impacting gown and linen fashion and functionality. Additionally, easy access for clinicians to perform procedures is another important factor to consider in patient attire. Finally, the size ratio from petite to plus sizing is tailored to the patient population. Specialties ranging from sports medicine, pediatric medicine or cosmetic surgery to bariatric procedures, senior services or obstetrics obviously requires a different range of sizes and styles. Above all, sanitized products for safety and health concerns is vital to reduce hospital acquired infections and readmissions which impact patient outcomes and institutional reputation. At ImageFIRST there is no room for stains, holes and missing ties to suggest a considerable lack of quality in care and reputation.
The benefits of outsourcing this service are obvious when examining the advantages. For example, a highly regarded plastic surgeon, double boarded by the American Board of Surgery and of Plastic Surgery studies for years in the comprehensive nuances of facial, breast surgery and body contouring. Additional subspecialty training may include face lift, eyelid and nasal reconstruction. Obviously, detailed attention to linen, towel and uniform accoutrements for a surgi-center or medical spa are an expectation of staff and patients alike. ImageFIRST provides and maintains styles and inventory levels tailored to each customer so expert clinicians can focus on their patients.
While they are a national company ImageFIRST has a 96% customer retention based on their constant attention to local needs.
According to Dr. Alan Durkin, of Ocean Drive Plastic Surgery and Med Spa, "ImageFIRST has comprehensively supported our surgical center, recovery suites, medical spa, and clinic for the last five years. The company prides itself on reasonably priced, medical grade linen and laundry services, while providing superior customer care. After we onboarded ImageFIRST into our facility, our workflow, as well as employee morale markedly improved because they provided stability to the ongoing problem of used linens in our practice. We are beyond satisfied with their services, and as our practice has grown in size and scope, they have tailored their services to our changing and expanding needs.”

For more information on ImageFIRST, call 1-800-932-7472 or visit

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