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Monday October 26, 2020

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April 2013 - Volume 9 - Issue 10


HealthFusion Announces Significant Expansion of MediTouch EHR in Florida

HealthFusion, the developers of MediTouch EHR, the first all-in-one, online, Cloud-Based, touch screen Electronic Health Record, announces its expansion in Florida.
Due to overwhelming demand, HealthFusion is expanding its presence and efforts throughout the State of Florida. “Many physicians in Florida have been inquiring and requesting to participate in our Webinar demo, and then signing up to utilize our MediTouch EHR,” stated Dr. Sol Lizerbram, Chairman of HealthFusion. “And because of the ease of learning to use the programs, no costly start-up fees, low monthly fees, and support of our award-winning Customer Services Department, the demand in Florida has grown significantly,” added Lizerbram.
In addition to the integrated system of EHR, Practice Management, Claims Clearinghouse, and Patient Portal that MediTouch offers, it even enables providers to access patient clinical data via a smart-phone. This allows the physician to review the Doctors Office Schedule, prescription records, allergies, review the preferred medications, and submit a prescription to the selected pharmacy from their mobile phone. In addition, a record of the prescription is sent automatically to the patients’ electronic chart! This saves the physician and their office staff valuable time and efforts retrieving records, determining the appropriate medications, locating the pharmacy, recontacting the patient, and then recording the actions when the physician returns to the office.
One of the major concerns of switching to an improved and updated EHR system is moving the current EHR’s data to another system. HealthFusion has now solved this problem utilizing an additional new benefit, a Data Transfer Wizard. This system can import most charts and records from a current client-server EHR system to the MediTouch EHR. This avoids the tedious tasks of scanning and transferring record or only transferring some of a patient’s record, and enables the practices to have records transferred and available quickly.
As a testament to the acceptance of providers, MediTouch is the only EHR with an Exclusive Strategic Partnership with the American Osteopathic Association (AOA) and a Member Benefit Agreement with the American Podiatric Medical Association (APMA). Karen J. Nichols, D.O., the 2010-11 AOA President stated, “With the vast number of systems coming into the market, selecting the right EHR is critical for our physicians – not only to secure federal stimulus funds, but to assist our members in improving the daily practice of medicine, including workflow and quality of care.”
Customer Services is key to the success and continued success at HealthFusion. Dr. Sol Lizerbram, Chairman of HealthFusion, stated. “We strive to not only respond to our customer service concerns, but to anticipate our customers’ needs ahead of time.” And as proof of their commitment, the company was recognized by J.D.Power and Associates for Outstanding Customer Service, the only EHR Company to have ever received this award.
“I have utilized numerous EHR systems, including the hospital based ones and even some other cloud-based systems, but none of them compare with MediTouch,” stated Manuel Perez-Espinosa, MD, of Miami. “The MediTouch EHR combines the Practice Management and Clearinghouse, and along with the Patient Portal application, ease of use, and ability to access records anywhere and anytime, establishes it by far as the best EHR,” continued David W. Cabrera, M.D.
Dr. Lizerbram stated, “We are excited to be expanding our efforts in Florida and having local representation. Thousands of physicians, including many in Florida, are utilizing MediTouch EHR and many have received their Meaningful Use Stimulus checks from the federal government. We truly look forward to additional satisfied customers here in Florida.”

HealthFusion develops Web-based, cloud computing software for physicians, hospitals, and medical billing services. To learn more, visit or contact Michael Kesti at (305) 323-2903.

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