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Friday September 18, 2020

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December 2019 - Volume 16 - Issue 6


FAU Launches Innovative Executive MHA Leadership Bootcamp

Florida Atlantic University (FAU) Executive Education has launched a new Leadership Bootcamp program to help their Executive Master of Health Administration (EMHA) students learn critical leadership skills that will help them succeed in their careers. Although no sit-ups, push-ups or running laps are required, the Bootcamp provides an opportunity for mental calisthenics to improve leadership skills and to develop successful leaders for today’s healthcare challenges.

Many MHA programs teach management courses, or theoretical leadership theories, but few focus on practical solutions to everyday leadership challenges. The Bootcamp is designed to bring real-world experiences into the classroom and to bring the classroom out to the community. By inviting a cadre of industry leaders from multiple disciplines and practice environments, the students are exposed to current information, trends, and expertise from professionals who are leading the way in their respective healthcare settings.
The course work is rigorous and comprehensive, but includes a large emphasis on networking and class participation. Students are required to join the American College of Healthcare Executives (ACHE) and are required to attend a minimum of two healthcare networking opportunities. Many students have participated in the South Florida Healthcare Executive Networking Group meetings sponsored by the South Florida Hospital News and Healthcare Report. They have also attended ACHE sponsored events offered by the South Florida Healthcare Executives Forum, the local ACHE chapter; networking events at the Boca Raton Chamber of Commerce, national networking conferences and leadership conferences sponsored by Press Ganey Associates, among others. This participation has led to great connections and several students have already been offered jobs or internships as a result of their networking.
The Leadership Bootcamp is the vision of the EMHA Program Leadership Team at FAU and is led by Adjunct Professor Rudy Molinet, RN, MPH. Professor Molinet has over 35 years’ experience in healthcare leadership including at the C-suite level. Molinet is currently in private practice as a healthcare consultant and Executive Coach. His teaching philosophy is highly interactive, and he believes in having fun in the classroom. “I believe that a mix of fun, hard work, and dynamic speakers is what the Bootcamp experience offers these future healthcare leaders. We must provide our students with relevant and timely information to successfully navigate the changing healthcare waters”, says Molinet.
The healthcare landscape is changing rapidly so it is imperative that universities continue to innovate to meet these needs. The FAU EMHA Leadership Bootcamp covers real-world scenarios and subjects including navigating the challenges of Population Health, learning about Executive Presence, Accounting, Financial Operations, Healthcare Technology, Patient Experience, Social Media, and the challenges and opportunities of providing quality healthcare in the 21st century. A high emphasis is placed on developing leadership skills especially in working with a diverse multi-cultural and multi-generational workforce. The students also participate in field trips to local healthcare facilities; the first one will be to Joe DiMaggio Children’s Hospital where they will tour the facility and meet with C-Suite executives to learn about the challenges, trends and opportunities in the field of healthcare leadership.
The EMHA Leadership Bootcamp is taught on-campus and online. The monthly class sessions are broadcast to the online students via video recordings. In order to engage the online students, the professor uses a technology called FlipGrid for the monthly discussion boards. Similar to Snapchat, this video-based technology enables students to record a video about the presentations they viewed and to reply to two students after viewing their videos. This has created a great opportunity for students to see and hear each other in the virtual classroom and has been very well received by the students. Online students are also invited on campus to attend any of the sessions and over half the online students have already done so this semester.

FAU’s EMHA students have responded very positively to this new experience. "The EMHA Leadership Bootcamp is designed to assure student success academically and professionally. My favorite part of the course has been learning how to effectively network through our peer cohort, social media, and professional organizations such as the American College of Healthcare Executives”, says Paul McGourty RN, BSN, Director of Patient Experience at Holy Cross Hospital, and a current on-campus EMHA student.
The course is also offered online and through the use of innovative technologies such as FlipGrid to encourage participation in the virtual environment, the online students are equally excited about this course. One student, Monica Capille, RD, LDN, a Clinical Dietician at Boca Raton Regional Hospital, has been an enthusiastic student within her online cohort. “During the past few months, the EMHA Leadership Bootcamp has given me the opportunity to gain very important knowledge about the healthcare industry and to grow as a healthcare leader. The class assignments are opening doors that did not seem possible before, and I am very grateful for this opportunity in my career”, says Capille.
The EMHA Leadership Bootcamp is an example of the innovative and cutting-edge experiences offered by the Florida Atlantic University Executive Education department. The program prides itself on improving the student experience while offering value to their students both in the classroom and in their respective places of work.

For more information about the Executive Master of Health Administration Program at FAU, contact or visit to learn more. Rudy Molinet, FAU Executive Education Adjunct Professor, can be reached at

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