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Monday June 14, 2021

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June 2021 - Volume 17 - Issue 12


May 13, 2021 - FastLabs, a leading rapid medical testing company, is now offering patients a site in west Miami-Dade at Dolphin Mall, located at 11401 NW 12 Street in Sweetwater. This is the second combined location with giant REEF Technology to expand the accessibility of rapid COVID-19 testing. The Dolphin Mall location will offer fast PCR tests, rapid antigen tests, rapid antibody tests, and a complete flu panel that examines over 19 common respiratory pathogens with results in minutes.
“We are very pleased to be adding this new strategic location,” said Dr. Raul Cruz, Chief Medical Officer at FastLabs. “Dolphin Mall is not only geographically well-positioned to offer a host of shopping and entertainment venues, but also provides a convenience factor for those needing or wanting to obtain fast results in minutes for a variety of tests. This includes those who are already vaccinated for COVID-19 and who want to confirm the presence of key antibodies.” All FastLabs’ tests are FDA authorized. 
Recently, FastLabs released its latest longitudinal case study which found that COVID-19 patients who had experienced a loss of taste or smell had lesser, but more sustained, antibody levels compared to those who did not. Researchers analyzed and measured two specific antibodies—IgG and IgM, specialized defenses to foreign pathogens such as bacteria and viruses. 
FastLabs is also committed to its gathering of data to better understand the patterns and behaviors of COVID-19 and the vaccines, and will continue its research at all its locations. 
To make an appointment for testing at any FastLabs location or to find out pricing options, visit In addition, those interested in taking part in any current studies can make an appointment at their nearest FastLabs location.
About FastLabs
FastLabs is a leading medical diagnostics company that provides rapid and accurate laboratory and medical testing for easy, safe, and quick lab results. Currently focused on COVID-19 testing and other viruses, FastLabs provides express results for those who need fast PCR and rapid testing from the convenience of their vehicles, businesses, or homes. With results in minutes, accessibility to fast, reliable, and advanced technologies for accurate viral detection is FastLabs’ strong point in the effort to help expedite diagnosis, treatment and mitigate the spread of disease.  For more information visit 
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