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Friday May 14, 2021

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July 2010 - Volume 7 - Issue 1


BCBSF Expands its Product Offerings to Help the Uninsured Access Care

A recent Associated Press report noted that 46 percent of unemployed Americans have been out of work for at least six months. As the bills pile up and people struggle to find new employment, many of these individuals are dropping their COBRA coverage or other available extended medical benefits plans and forgoing essential preventative health care.

With both the prolonged recession and its ongoing mission to increase access to health care in mind, Blue Cross Blues Shield of Florida (BCBSF) has worked tirelessly to create low-cost insurance options and more convenient ways to make quality health care readily available to uninsured Floridians. BCBSF’s suite of health insurance products includes a wide range of benefits where consumers can choose the plan that fits their needs. Whether Florida residents are looking for comprehensive coverage, coverage for routine services, temporary coverage or a plan that is compatible with a Health Savings Account, BCBSF has a health care offering that meets those needs.
“We believe that everyone should have access to quality affordable health care, and with the economy playing a major role in Floridians’ choices, we want to make sure that as a company we are offering health care options that make it easy and affordable for everyone to get the medical services they need,” said Craig Thomas, Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer.
Low Cost Plans
This July, BCBSF will celebrate the one-year anniversary of Miami-Dade Blue, a PPO product which offers a local network of select providers available to individuals and small groups. The cost-effective plan is designed specifically to meet the needs of the uninsured, providing access to 1,500 doctors and seven hospitals. Starting at approximately $82 per month, Miami-Dade Blue includes services such as office visits, surgery, hospitalization, outpatient surgery, pharmacy and dental coverage.
“Blue Cross Blue Shield of Florida is delighted with the success of Miami-Dade Blue in its first year,” said Penny Shaffer, Market President, South Florida. “This public-private partnership has allowed us to offer a very affordable product and we look forward to developing additional products and services for the local community.”
Florida Blue
An original concept in health care and customer service, BCBSF’s Florida Blue centers are the first interactive environment where consumers can purchase health insurance, have face-to-face consultations concerning their individual policies, receive free top-line preventative care health screenings, participate in wellness lectures, and learn about health care options to fit any budget.
The Miami-Dade Florida Blue Center, which opened at The Falls in April, is particularly important for the many South Floridians struggling to make ends meet as it serves as a place where residents can get information explained to them face-to-face so they can be assured they purchase the plan that best meets their needs and also learn how they can maximize their health care dollars.
Health Cards
BCBSF’s latest innovation brings Floridians access to health care at the checkout counter when they shop at Winn-Dixie or CVS stores across the state. Residents have the option to buy the $59 Gift of Health Care card which can be put towards the purchase of GoBlue. GoBlue covers routine and preventive care. The $59 card covers approximately 1 1/2 to 2 months of the Go Blue premium. Or for unemployed Floridians who are looking for health care options that do not involve a commitment to a monthly premium, BCBSF offers the Family Blue medical discount card which costs $19.95 and provides three months of discounts on medical visits, dental visits, outpatient hospital services and prescriptions for up to six family members.
This broad retail distribution of the $59 Gift of Health Care card and Family Blue discount card enables BCBSF to reach and provide preventive health care services to a broad audience of medically underserved Floridians.
“In offering innovative care solutions such as Miami-Dade Blue, the Florida Blue centers and our health cards, we are shifting the paradigm of the traditional health insurance model,” added Thomas. “Our experience has given us invaluable insight into how we can make insurance more affordable and how to make health care more accessible overall.”

For more information call 1-800-FLA-BLUE or visit

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