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Friday May 14, 2021

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July 2010 - Volume 7 - Issue 1


Affineon Lighting: Spearheading a Brighter Future for Hospital LED Procedure Room Lighting

A real world advancement, a total LED environment", at Memorial Sloan-Kettering Hospital, N.Y.

Founded in 2005, Affineon Lighting of Coral Springs, Florida has been committed to researching LED technology and development in several market sectors, including retail, restaurant, office, commercial and warehouse interiors. And after only a year of research, development and plenty of long hours with architect, Jeffrey Berman of New York, the company has begun manufacturing sustainable and controllable lighting for healthcare facilities.

Affineon’s Smart Line 2 x 2 panels LED replacement fixtures were installed in the Surgical Day Hospital and Center for Image Guided Intervention at Memorial Sloan- Kettering Hospital in New York in March and have been used for live image-guided procedures for over a month, explained Teddy Van Bemmel, president of Affineon Lighting.
“This has never been done before. Basically, we started with the question of how to build a light that is nonferrous, stainless steel. We needed to change the tooling,” said Van Bemmel. Memorial Sloan-Kettering was the first to use MRI imaging simultaneously with surgical procedures.
“We started the design four years ago," said Berman. “The fixtures didn’t exist. We needed LED fixtures that were MR compatible, and that was going to be the answer,” he said. The hospital asked his company to develop a “hybrid” interventional MRI-based operating room in 50,000 square feet of renovated space.
“Affineon stepped up and worked with us and our testing labs to create a fixture that would be compatible with (Memorial Sloan- Kettering’s) operating rooms,” he added.
“The challenge,” explained Van Bemmel,” was to engineer a product that would not distort the MRI image the doctor sees while performing a procedure,” The goal was to design a high filter lighting system that removes the high frequencies, produced by standard operating room equipment, that distort the MRI image. It had to BE powered and produce no RF (radio frequency) noise.
“Everyone else said it would take years, but we did it in one!” said Van Bemmel. “We love challenges.”
The lights are unique, Van Bemmel continued, because the panel is totally sealed and the light intensity for each procedure can be controlled robotically on a proprietary network by a physician or specialist from another location.
The LED lights are all green, generate almost no heat and are non-fatiguing – meaning they are “flicker-free” as are most bright florescent lights. After a procedure is finished, they can be wiped clean with the hospital’s anti-bacterial solution to make them germ-free.
“It’s nice to be a part of something that will enable doctors to perform procedures that are less invasive and will get a patient out of the OR and home faster,” said Van Bemmel.
Now, several hospitals in New York and across the country have expressed interest in Affineon’s lighting and are sending representatives to visit Memorial Sloan Kettering.
For more information, contact Affineon Lighting at (954) 343-2660.
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