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September 2010 - Volume 7 - Issue 3




ADV-Care Online Mail-Order Pharmacy Offers Savings and Safety

ADV-Care Pharmacy, based in Toronto, Canada, has been safely filling prescriptions for Americans since it was founded in 1999 as the first international online mail-order pharmacy. Originally conceived as a service for aging residents of Canada who were in need of easily accessed healthcare services, ADV-Care was soon “discovered” by Americans who turned to the Web in search of less expensive pricing for their prescription drugs. According to Ramy Attalla, Marketing Manager, Americans soon began flocking to their web site, and to Canada, to purchase the drugs they needed. “The bus trips started when people began going online and saw our prices. There are significant differences in prices between the U.S. and Canada. We had developed a compliant, secure, safe system using sophisticated IBM technology. People ordered from us and we shipped the medications to them. Getting medications from ADV-Care is safe, affordable and simple; hundreds of thousands of Americans have taken advantage of our services and continue to do so.”

Attalla recalls that once the company went online and became successful, there soon were many “copycat” online pharmacies. “Some of these were not as meticulous as we are; they were in it purely for profit and engaged in unsafe practices that unfortunately brought a negative image to online pharmacies. Those went out of business. Today, we have competition, but we remain the prototype and in all aspects of our operations, the emphasis is on safety.”
Among the safety practices that are standard at ADV-Care, is a rule that all customers’ medical information is collected up front and kept in a confidential, secure database. ADV-Care insists on having the original prescription, and once it is received from the patient’s physician, it is referred to one of ADV-Care’s dual-licensed (US and Canada) physicians that reside in the U.S. While he reviews the prescription, and if needed, the medical history, ADV-Care verifies all the information for accuracy. The reviewing ADV-Care physician is given contact information for the prescribing physician, in case there are any concerns or questions that need to be addressed before the prescription is authorized.
“Our system is actually safer than the usual method of filling a prescription, because when you order from us, two physicians are reviewing the prescription,” says Attalla. “We have a system of five safety checks: we check for duplicate therapy; contraindications; allergies and sensitivities; drug interactions, and proper dosages. In addition, we check ALL drugs the patient is taking, not just the ordered prescription.”
“The drugs come directly from the manufacturer; we don’t stock any drugs. All are shipped in their original sealed containers from the manufacturer, so there is no possibility of tampering or handling. ADV-Care uses Express Canada and the U.S. Post Office and we offer package tracking on our web site or by phone so we can always advise you on where your package is and when it will arrive.”
The majority of ADV-Care’s 100,000 clients are American seniors who are looking to save money on their prescription costs. Since the advent of the Medicare Part D Prescription Program in 2007, many seniors are finding that their out-of-pocket costs and premiums have increased markedly. Those who are in the infamous “donut hole” or coverage gap are especially feeling the strain.
“Patients can save an average of 50% by purchasing from us,” says Attalla. “Many are referred to us by U.S. pharmacists who recognize that if the patient cannot afford the drug or the co-pay, they simply will not take the medication. The pharmacists want to make sure people are able to get the medications they need. We are not competing with American pharmacies, because the patients who need our services are not going to be buying from them.”
Patients who are uninsured, those who are insured or on Medicare but need drugs that are not covered by their plan, and those who are in the donut hole may find that ordering medications from ADV-Care, a licensed online mail-order pharmacy, is a smart, economic option. ADV Care accepts no prescriptions for narcotics or controlled substances, but in alliance with a Florida pharmacy can supply medication not available in Canada at great discount. ADV-Care is licensed by the Ontario College of Pharmacists.
To learn more about ADV-Care, visit the website at The website features an easy-to-use “Donut Hole Calculator.”
To contact Customer Service, call 1-888-471-4721 X-2224 or e-mail
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