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Saturday April 17, 2021

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March 2020 - Volume 16 - Issue 9

While 2019 brought many changes to the landscape of cancer care, 2020 promises even greater disruption to business as usual.

For cancer administrators and healthcare leaders, two eternal truths remain, as lifespans and the aging population continue to grow:
1. Clinicians are diagnosing more people with cancer than ever before
2. The cost of caring for cancer patients is higher than ever before

If your hospital or medical practice suffered property damage in a hurricane or other disaster, it can sometimes be difficult to get money from your insurance carrier to pay for those damages. Some insurance companies will use excuses not to pay a legitimate insurance claim such as blaming the damage to wear and tear or lack of appropriate maintenance. 

Palliative care provides coordinated care, helping to bridge the gap in the healthcare delivery system. Recently, palliative care has become a national topic of conversation among healthcare leaders seeking ways to improve the lives of the chronically ill. Dr. Roque-Velasco, President and CEO of OpusCare of Florida and Texas, was one of the first to implement a palliative care program in South Florida in 2015.

Broward Health Coral Springs, a 250-bed hospital, has been serving the Coral Springs community for more than 30 years with a full continuum of care, as well as a community education center with an array of classes. But as community needs grow, so too has this hospital.

And while doctors don’t wear capes, there’s no question that to many of us they are heroes. I’m 69 years old now and I’ve met my share of physicians – personally and professionally. Yes, some aren’t perfect and I can think of some other things to call them instead of heroes, but 99 percent of them have been intelligent, well-meaning human beings with one intention — to make me feel better and help me lead a long and healthy life.

Gratitude is the only word that can describe the way we at the Dade County Medical Association (DCMA) feel toward the physicians who dedicate their time, knowledge, and resources to make organized medicine a recognized force within Miami-Dade County. While the month of March is a time set aside to collectively recognize Doctors Day and share our thanks for physicians, we want our Miami-Dade physicians to know that at the DCMA every single day is “Doctors Day.”

For the last 13 years, the Florida malpractice insurance industry has remained relatively soft, which is good news for physicians and medical practices. Unfortunately, the days of lower premiums, discounts and credits are slowly disappearing.

Today, more than ever, health systems are working hard to better improve the patient experience of care to be successful and to retain patients. In order to create this great patient experience, you have to understand the data permeating across the patient journey throughout your organization.

Every day, the need for mental health professionals grows. With increases in gun violence, school shootings, the opiate crisis, domestic violence, PTSD and more, it is imperative to have a well-trained workforce in place to help people deal with the issues affecting their wellness and personal growth.

My air travel is streaky. I can literally go months where everything goes perfectly. Then I go through a few weeks where nothing goes right. Recently I was in the latter situation. Monday, 5:15 am, getting ready to board and the announcement came, “ … there is a problem with the plane’s brakes, we are looking at about a half hour delay.”

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